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An Authentic Thai Experience

An authentic Thai dining experience consists of two important elements: exceptional tasting food and outstanding service with a smile.

Our food stems from its roots in traditional Thai recipes, with modern enhancements a part of our Chef's special menu.

With classic entrees, soups, salads, curries and stir fry's, our head Chef 'Boyd' cooks with a passion to deliver food that you will love and definitely want to try again.

But it's not only the food that makes a true Thai dining experience. Our front of house staff will ensure you and your guests receive outstanding service with a smile, reminiscent of our Thai culture and heritage. Our focus on food and service is what makes Boronia Thai a truly authentic Thai Dining Experience you'll continue to come back to, time and time again.




With Peanut Sauce
$ 5.00


Minced chicken, vermicelli & vegetables served with homemade sweet chilli sauce.
$ 7.90 ( 4 pieces)

Vegetable Thai Spring Roll

Vegetable spring rolles served with homemade sweet chill sauce.
$ 7.50 ( 4 pieces)

Tofu Tod

Deep fried tofu served with home made peanut sauce
$ 7.90 ( 4 pieces)

Curry Puff

Braised onions, diced potatoes, peas and carrot blended with curry spices wrapped in puff pastry.
$ 8.50 ( 4 pieces)

Prawn Hom Pha

Marinated prawns wrapped in spring roll skin served with sweet chilli sauce.
$ 8.50 ( 4 pieces)

Golden Bag

Marinated mince chicken with cabbage, corn wrapped with spring roll pastry served with sweet chili sauce
$ 8.50 ( 4 pieces)

Thai Calamari Rings

Thai style home made crumbed formed Calamari rings coated in cruncy, golden crumb.
$ 8.90 ( 5 pieces)

Satay Chicken

Marinated chicken strip on wooden screwer served with peanut sauce
$ 8.90 ( 4 pieces)

Steam Prawn Dumpling

Thai prawn dumpling served with sweet chilli sauce
$ 8.90 ( 4 pieces)

Fish Cake

A delicious home made Thai fish cake, with minced fish, curry paste and green beans served with homemade sweet chilli jam.
$ 8.90 ( 5 pieces)

Crumbed Prawns

Homemade bread crumbed & marinated prawns served with sweet chilli sauce.
$ 8.50 ( 4 pieces)

Potato Wrapped Prawns

Unique combination of Black Tiger prawns wrapped in a crunchy potato noodle served with sweet chilli sauce.
$ 8.90 ( 4 pieces)

Steamed Thai Dumpling

Homemade steamed Thai dumpling (Kanom Jeeb) with marinated prawn & minced chicken, wrapped with wanton skin, served with sweet chilli jam sauce.
$ 8.90 ( 4 pieces)

Mixed Entreee

Mix of Thai spring roll, fish cake, curry puff, crumbed prawn, golden bag & prawn hom pha.
$ 11.90 (6 pieces)


Choice of Vegetables / Chicken / Prawn

$ 7.00 / 8.00 / 9.00

Tom Yum

The famous Thai style hot and sour soup with fresh herbs

Tom Kha

Thai hot & sour coconut milk soup with Thai fresh herbs.

Tom Jued

A tasty non spicy chicken broth soup with vegetables


Salad Pak

Mix of fresh salad topped with egg served with our special home made peanut sauce
$ 15.00

Som-Tum (Green Papaya Salad)

Famous Thai Som Tum of green papaya with carrot, dried shrimps, chilli, garlic, fish sauve, lemon juice, palm sugar, tomatoes, green bean and cashew nuts
$ 16.00

Thai Warm Chicken Salad

Mix of fresh salad with special Thai dressing topped with grilled marinated chicken
$ 16.00

Larb Gai

Warm minced chicken salad with mint, lemon juice, fish sauce, chili, vegetables and ground toasted rice
$ 16.00

Nam Sod

Minced chicken cooked with Thai fresh herb, ginger, cashew nut and spicy & sour sauce on a bed of fresh lettuce
$ 16.00

Beef Salad

An original warm Thai salad of tender slice beef with vegetables, tomato, cucumber, chili & lemon juice
$ 16.00

Prawn Salad

Prawn salad dressing of mild chili paste, lemon grass, lime leaves, lemon juice, vegetables and a dash of fish sauce
$ 18.00
= Spicy


With Your Choice Of

Chicken or Beef / Mixed Seafood or Prawns / Vegetables & Tofu
$ 17.50 / 21.50 / 16.00

Jungle Curry

An original Thai curry “without coconut milk” cooked with red chili paste, baby corn, basil leaves, lemon grass, lime leaves and vegetables

Green Curry

Original Thai green curry cooked in coconut milk with bamboo shoots, lime leaves, basil & vegetables

Red Curry

A red curry cooked in coconut milk, with pumpkin, lime leaves, basil leaves and vegetables

Yellow Curry

Mild curry with coconut milk, curry powder, potatoes, carrots, capsicum & onions

Panang Curry

Mild red curry paste based on coconut milk with, onions, carrot, vegetables and cashew nuts

Massaman Curry (Beef or Lamb)

Diced beef slowly cooked for hours with potatoes, carrots and spices.
$ 18.00 / 20.00

Roast Duck Curry

Roasted duck breast in mild red curry with pineapple, tomatoes, and seasonal vegetables
$ 20.00
= Spicy

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Reminds Me Of Thailand

Excellent restaurant. Full of flavour. Reminds me of Thailand. Very quick for take away and pleasant when dining in.

Authentic Thai

Very good food served here together with great service. Very authentic Thai and you will not be dissapointed.

Treated Like a King.

Really enjoyed the food and wine, good atmosphere and great service. Highly recommended. Well that was a nice surprise.

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